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Deathsquad Production Assistant

May 1, 2012 Leave a comment

If you guys would legitimately like to lighten the load in regards to the production responsibilities of the podcasts…

Firstly, I would dare to assume that a big part of the frustrations we saw today (JRE#211) stems from the amount of hours and energy that Brian has to invest across all of the Deathsquad podcasts. Not only the live broadcasts, but all the work required in maintaining the studio, working with the hosts in terms of scheduling and coming up with content as well as the post-production duties required to get the content distributed through multiple platforms and channels as you graciously do.

I think adding a technically versatile production assistant would have an immediate and positive effect on the quality of all the shows. Someone to help maintain the studio equipment, assist in pre/post, video segments, (top five) managing of the web portals and content delivery, handling mail… Whatever needs to be done over the course of the week’s schedule.

I think with the right head / set of hands, helping in the background, you guys could easily increase output of the podcasts by 30-50% without Redban working himself to death as he’s been doing. Based upon each shows typical running times, I think you could easily pump out a minimum of 10 podcasts each week within a 40 hour work schedule, similar to what’s shown below;

JRE x2

BoneZone x1

Naughty Show x1

Callen Show x1

Icehouse x1

Whats Good x1

Misc / Pilots x3

I don’t want to get too lengthy here… It’d be a good time to expand a little bit 🙂


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