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The hypocrisy and hilarity of

August 2, 2012 Leave a comment


While scrolling my Facebook feed this afternoon I came across the above ridiculous image and felt obligated to chime in and test their mettle… Below is my initial comment on their image:


“Fuck all you stupid people for pretending to take time out of your day to support the rambling of some old pussy-ass, chicken shit, “the gay people are gonna come get me”, jebus bangin’ bigot when we are actually surrounded by SERIOUS threats to our liberties.

What THE FUCK are you even protesting? People who support gay rights spoke out and now YOU fucktards gotta go speak out against the people who spoke out first and pretend that your defending freedom of speech?

The only thing you idiots are defending is your membership within the heterosexual community… Every last one of you secretly thinks dick is delicious and you are just trying to deny it to yourself and those around you”.


A little graphic, a little rough around the edges in terms of form and vocabulary but what can I say, I’m a fan of colorful language and an old-school IRC admin from the 90’s who is accustomed to talking shit online. There is absolutely nothing violent or threatening within my post… Anyhow, about 10 minutes pass and I get a message from someone named Dave Henn which is odd because I restrict Facebook access to approximately 50 close friends and I am not accustomed to receiving unsolicited messages from people I do not know… Here is that message:


“Hey, I don’t like this comment. Please remove it. Vulgar and very hateful basis.”


Are you fucking kidding me? Someone administrating a page which is supposedly fighting for the right to free speech is asking me to censor myself and referring to my (if I may say so) keen observations as hate speech? Time for round two!


“It is NOT hateful. Hateful would be shunning your lifestyle when I don’t even know a thing about you. All I am doing is pointing out the fact that this futile “thing” is in NO way supporting freedom of speech and you people are idiots for thinking it does. 

It is NOT vulgar. Sex is not vulgar. Sucking a dick is not vulgar. While I would never want to do it myself, some people enjoy it and I would never call something vulgar because it is not in line with my personal beliefs or tastes. The only thing vulgar here is that you people have been tricked into supporting the persecution of a minority and are attempting to do it under the guise of protecting the first amendment.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves, not I. If you want the comment removed, remove it yourself… and tell yourself how you are a good person protecting the freedom of speech while you are doing it. You could NOT be more of a dimwitted contradiction.”


At that point, I waited another 5-10 minutes, honestly hoping I would receive some kind of response being that I kept things to a PG-13 tone with a minimal amount of insults or bashing… but no such luck. After 10 minutes or so the following message just appeared below my response.


“You can no longer message Dave Henn. Learn more.”


Although I wish the conversation could have went on longer, this ass-hat confirmed that everything I assumed about them was true by simply censoring me and subsequently blocking me. They have no interest in promoting freedom of speech, their true message is that a lifestyle that differs from their own is a sin against god and they are willing to use the guise of first amendment crusaders as tool to spread their poison to those who are too stupid to see the truth.

If anyone else would like to chime in under their fraudulent post, you may do so at the following url.
 @gnice3d / Dixon B. Tweenercheeks

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