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Why the gun debate is a failure for America

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Why the gun debate is a failure for America

As I poke fun at anyone who adheres too firmly or outspokenly to these cliche/defunct political ideologies, I find myself wading through the endless hyperbole on both sides of the gun debate, thinking there is a much larger and more important issue at the heart of this subject which is not being addressed.

The question I would ask: Is it illogical to assume that the decade long fear of our own government’s atrocious behavior is one of the strongest motivations in a person’s desire for automatic weapon capability as well as an obvious reason for those parties responsible for said behavior wanting it’s populace as docile as possible while they behave in such revolting fashion?

The purpose of the second amendment is to provide the people the ability to protect itself against a tyrannical government. It states, verbatim, that it’s “necessary to the security of a free state”. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that people would desire the resources required to defend themselves against such threat as it would manifest in this day and age. I think the proper question here would be what is the minimum level of firepower required to deter a rogue force from taking control of a community. If you use that as the baseline for what is reasonable or excessive and look at the weaponry our government currently uses against civilian populations across the globe as well as the sonic/microwave/drone technology that is currently being deployed within the US, I find it very hard to consider an assault rifle “excessive” within the true intent of the second amendment.

I have a slight inkling that Americans might be more willing to forfeit a little firepower if it’s government simply refrained from the following:┬áThe torture of innocent people, performing drone assassinations on foreign civilians as political favor, revoking our constitutional right to a trial, using illegal wiretaps on a scale that’d make cold-war USSR jizz for days, placing massive amounts of military firepower in the hands of a different gang of lunatics every few years and PAYING the central banks to destroy the world’s economy while rewarding the corporations and banks that have spun the planet into a near free-fall.

In my typical eloquent fashion… I’d say my point is that when it comes to issues of violence in our society, I think president Obama should eat a big Shut-The-Fuck-Up Sundae with extra Shut-The-Fuck-Up and contemplate the decisions and behavior of his own administration before asking a single, mentally stable, law-abiding citizen to give up their right to even a single round of ammunition.

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