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Help Reverse Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

May 15, 2014 Leave a comment

It was brought to my attention today that Americans have a chance to speak out against, and disrupt, the crippling influx of corporate campaign money into federal government. At this point, I feel nothing short of compulsion to assist people in convincing their elected officials to support in every aspect, the reversal of one of the worst insults to American democracy in it’s entire history –  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

I urge every American of voting age and ability to send a very clear message to their Senators, and House Reps that failure to support this legislation is a declaration of  their refusal to serve the well being of their constituency, in return for cash and favor considerations from the corporations that have our political system in a choke hold.

In all likelihood, this could be a futile effort, especially with the millions of dollars in corporate sponsored ads being unleashed to dissuade and misinform the American populace … but if nothing else, we can present an ultimatum to Washington insiders that they can no longer pad their election funds at the expense of the well being of those they are legally and morally obligated to serve or they will be held accountable.

To help expedite this process, I would provide a few things:

  • Links to identify and contact your House Representatives and Senators.
  • link to verify your representatives votes on this or any other legislation within the House or Senate so that you may hold them accountable for the policy they shape.
  • A sample template for your reps which I invite you to edit as you like. The sample also contains embedded links to learn of  the original CU v. FEC CASE as well as the proposed constitutional amendments to negate it.

Dear  X

I am contacting you today to insist upon your unconditional support of important pieces of legislation, S.J. Res 5111819, along with H.J. Res 121314202125293132, and 34 which were recently introduced by House Representative Jim McGovern, Representative Marcy Kaptur, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Tom Udall and their colleagues with the goal of restoring the common sense restrictions upon federal campaign contributions by corporations.

The reversal of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is the first and most paramount step in not only restoring functionality to our embarrassingly defunct political system but also in restoring the faith of American constituents and citizens of the world in our political process and leaders. At the moment, these bills have a great deal of bipartisan support within the House and Senate and there is no acceptable or moral reason for these pieces of legislation to not pass with zero resistance or abstinence.

What these bills fundamentally represent is a proclamation by our elected representatives as to where their allegiance lies and whom they serve, their constituents or the corrupt institutions that have gained a stranglehold on American democracy.

Your vote on these particular bills will be a key determination of whether or not you will receive my support, financial or other, in future political considerations.

Most sincerely



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